Edition 2017

orgullo mexicano

Edition 2018

hacemos calle


Being the first one and with “Orgullo Mexicano” (Mexican Pride) as guiding theme, Mexicraneos 2017 is the most emblematic and emotional edition so far. In this edition 55 artists participated, intervening 54 monumental skulls, each one with a different style and a unique and valuable vision of the Mexican culture.

Thousands of people attended the exhibition and many of them were able to interact with the authors of these magnificent works of art.

In addition, Mexicráneos 2017 opened a Virtual Reality tent, where thousands of people could enjoy immersive and interactive experiences, in which they could go inside a skull or intervene one of them in a virtual world.

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The second edition of Mexicraneos: “Hacemos Calle”, also became success, being considered as the event that kicked off the Day of the Dead celebrations at Mexico City. 54 monumental skulls were exhibited on Paseo de la Reforma, including 30 incredible new artworks, 19 skulls that were favorites in 2017 and as a special feature, 5 Special Edition Skulls by J. García López Funeral Home, which were inspired by some of the most traditional crafts from Mexico (talavera, black clay pottery, embroidery, silverware and floral arts).

And inside the Digital Pavilion, Mexicraneos offered different innovation experiences, such as La Ofrenda Interactiva (The Interactive Offering), El Culto Mexica (The Mexica Cult) and El Baile de la Vida (The Dance of Life).

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